Using Vibraimage Technology to Analyze the Psychophysiological State of a Person during Opposite Stimuli Presentation


Apparatus and method for Psycho-physiological Detection of Deception (Lie Detection) by video

Qualified Psychophysiological Instrument in the Recruitment System

Application of New Concept for Multiple Intelligences Calculation for Personality and Social Groups Comparison Research. 

VibraImage and multiple intelligences


Cell melodies: when sound speaks to stem cells


A Sensory Control System for Adjusting Group Emotion Using Bayesian Networks and Reinforcement Learning

Development of the multi-sensory augmented DDC (Direct Digital Control) to improve the cognitive Characteristic of the Nursery Facilities

A study about Multi sensory Stimulation of Fluctuation and Color Temperature Effects on Neuro-energy

Biofotônica na caracterização de sementes submetidas à altas diluições dinamizadas


A Study on the Correlation Analysis of EEG and Vibraimage due to Auditory and Olfactory Stimulation

Design of the Multi-sensory Stimulation Space to improve the Neuro-energy

A Modular Tree-structured Bayesian Network for Predicting Public Emotion in Kindergarten Classes

Predicting Group Emotion in Kindergarten Classes by Modular Bayesian Networks

Recognizing Analyzing emotional express in movements

Implementace detekcního systému VibraImage na Letišti Václava Havla


Mathematical Models of Receptivity of a Robot and a Human to Education

Evalution of_social relationship between two persons using micro-movement in vestibular system

Mathematical Models of Receptivity of a Robot and a Human to Education

A Study on the Multi-sensory Stimulation of Aroma and Color Temperature effects on Neuro-energy

Study emotional classification algorithm using VibraImage

A Study on the 'a' index of Sound source for Productivity improvement

A Study on the Indoor Temperature effects on Neuro-energy

Method and device for detecting sleepiness using moving imagebased physiological signal


Application of Evolutionary Psychophysiological Detection of Deception and Study to Enhance the Capability for Police's Performance

Extraction of significant of VibraImage parameter for evaluting drowsines

Análise de sinais bioeletrográficos em sementes de feijão-branco tratadas com altas diluições


Screening diagnostic technique for prostate cancer

Polygraph olygraph olygraph evolution evolution in Russian Federation


Polska Akademia Nauk Oddział w Gdańsku Komisja Informatyki

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Method for obtaining information on psychophysiological state of living being


Application of Vibraimage Technology and System for Analysis of Motor Activity and Study of Functional State of the Human Body


Technologie für sichere Flughäfen


Emotion recognition by vibraimage system

Live Control of Meditation State with Television Vibraimage System

Objective Control of Positive Changes

Head movements vibraimage and energetic model of emotions


Research and development of lie detector based on vibraimage technology


Biometric Identification Method


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Diploma Brussels Eureka 2002 Dosimeter Radiation

Diploma Brussels Eureka 2002 VibraImage

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Registration, visualization and analysis of the biological objects image periodically fluctuation.

The method and device for recording a pulse wave and biometric system

Biometric control method and biometric information carrier


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Method, device and system for biometric identification


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